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Honduras, November 2007


-- 420 Students Taught
-- 53 Teams Sent Out
-- 167 Evangelisms Done
-- 14,926 Heard the Gospel
-- 5,929 Prayed to Receive Christ
-- 97 New Believers Classes Started

Actually there were two Conferences done in Honduras this time.

The first Conference was done in San Pedro Sula with the 24,000 member La Cosecha (The Harvest) Church, with the Foursquare Denomination. The Lord had told me a year and a half earlier in a plane while I was returning from Bolivia that I would work with the Foursquare Church. I then took that prompting and got a hard-to-get appointment with the Pastor. After hearing what the Lord had told me and what the Lord had done in my life, he agreed that it was God to allow my Team to come and do a Training. The Teachers that came to be Trained were Teachers from that one church and for that reason all lived there in San Pedro Sula. Actually though we had a lower number of Teachers to be Trained and not as many Evangelisms were done, but it was a good beginning to work with Foursquare.

The second Conference was done in Siguatepeque, a central location for the country, where Teachers for all over Honduars came in to be taught. The Overseer Dr. Otoniel Collins had heard from the Lord that there needs to be an emphasis on Children’s Ministry for all the over 1000 Church of God churches. So when I had talked with him, he was already in agreement that the Conference needed done. The 280 Teachers were extraordinary folks and very excited with what they had learned. It was pure joy to see their Hunger and it inspired us as we taught.

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